Saturday, 11 June 2011

Maybe I talk about wine too much!

There is nothing more relaxing than a cool glass of Pinot Grigio on a summer’s evening…and winter’s evening…and spring and autumn come to that!
I pride myself in the fact that I am never desperate for a glass of wine after work. Teaching doesn’t stress me out (have I mentioned before that I love my job?!) and therefore I am not one of those people who races through the front door and rips the cork out with their teeth. I always wait until *WBD gets home (usually around 7 o ‘clock). He says something like “Oh alright, I’ll give you a kiss if I must!” And I reply with “Oh alright, I’ll have a glass of wine, if I must”. Which is then duly delivered to me and we relax in the garden or on the sofa for half an hour before the trauma of making supper!
However, I have noticed that the children in my class are picking up on a few references I have made to wine. We all make quick remarks across the room to our TA, over the children’s heads, right? But clearly mine are listening in!
Last week our sound we were learning was the phoneme ‘er’ (er, ur, ir). When we did our weekly spelling test on Monday, one of the words was ‘water’. I said the word and then diligently came up with a sentence in which the word fits nicely. I said “My favourite drink is water.” Then little *Alice chirps up “But Miss, your favourite drink is wine!”
You’d think that would be a good anecdote to end this posting on. But it gets worse. A few days after that we were doing the register (I mentioned in my previous blog that we do the register differently every day; like ghosts, like robots, in accents…) and the helper that day chose robots. So there I was doing my robot voice “Good-mor-ning-Stan-ley…..Good-mor-ning-Ali-ce” and the children were getting more and more inventive. One of them ran out of oil half way through answering me, one of them introduced himself as R2D2, but *Topsy chose something a little different.

*Works behind a desk
*Alice in Wonderland
*Topsy and Tim

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