Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just William.

As the end of the year is approaching, I feel I need to tell you about a little boy at my school who has made my year. Let's call him William.

William is not in my class (I teach a Year 2 class; he is in Reception), but as Head of the Lower School I have plenty of contact with the other classes - I read a story to the children in Reception every week, I do whole school assemblies and I am on the rota for playground duty in the Reception playground.

The first time I became aquainted with William was at the end of one of my assemblies. He looked up at me from under a mop of curly hair and said "Hello, Mrs Blogger." "Hello poppet" I replied, not having a clue what his name was! His class teacher clearly overheard our fascinating conversation (!) and caught me later on that day to tell me that William seemed to think I was wonderful and often spoke about me in class. This is when our friendship blossomed and now I can tell you 3 of my favourite William stories!

1. We have a very generic set up in our main building - the hall surrounded by classrooms. Each class has a PE lesson every week in the main hall and being in one of the surrounding classrooms, my class and I hear everything that goes on in PE. One Maths lesson I was standing by the classroom door and happened to glance out - there was William prancing past mid PE lesson. He spotted me and gave me a huge smile and wave, which I was very happy to return. A few minutes later I was in the other corner of the classroom, when *Stanley - who sits with a good view of the door - called out "That little boy is waving again!" So I dashed across the classroom and waved at William. A few minutes later another summons from Stanley "He is waving again!", so I hurried to the door and waved back. Needless to say I didn't dash back to the door at the fourth and fifth call from Stanley. I hope William wasn't too dissapointed!

2. On Valentines Day there was a little knock at the classroom door and William came in with a lovely little card he had made for me. He was a little embarrassed, but he bravely came across the classroom, past all my Year 2s, and gave me the card. "Oooo, how lovely..." I cooed. He was rather chuffed. A little while later there was another knock and there was William with another Valentine card for me. "Gosh I am lucky" I said "2 Valentine cards - what a treat!" As William left the classroom I heard him mutter "Well, I suppose I'd better make another one for my teacher then!"

3. William's class teacher told me this story. She asked her class what they wanted to do when they were grown-ups. William answered "Be a teacher". His teacher was rather pleased and asked where he was going to teach. "In Mrs Bloggers classroom" he answered matter of factly.
Shame I might have retired by then!

I wonder if William will be so keen on me when he reaches the dizzying heights of Year 2? I'll keep you all updated.

* Flat Stanley

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