Monday, 23 May 2011

Back to work!

I doubt there are many, if any, people actually reading this, let alone wondering where I have been for the last few weeks. But here is my excuse:
Firstly, it was the Easter holidays – I didn’t think my Easter holiday, which, whist exciting for me, would be at all exciting for anyone else to read about. I did, however go away with my gorgeous Godson, whose sole purpose on this earth is to be gorgeous (and prepare me for Motherhood – he hasn’t put me off yet!) I was then unwell – really unwell – and didn’t make it into work for 2 weeks, let alone manage to sit in front of the computer screen!
But now I am back, somebody new……..
When I got back to work the children were delighted to see me. There really is nothing better than the unconditional love of someone else. My husband, *WBD, cannot wait to get a dog. He regularly talks about their unconditional love. They love you even when you have shouted at them 2 minutes earlier. They are excited to see you, even if you only popped out to the shop for 2 minutes! This reminds me of my class.
Yes, they were delighted to see me upon my return. However, no more delighted than when I cross the playground to the staffroom and they charge at me, arms wide open, broad smiles plastered across their faces. They seem to have forgotten that I was the one who ushered them out into the playground 2 minutes earlier!
I am fully aware that next academic year they will have moved on and will love their new teacher *unconditionally, but until that time, I still have 6 weeks of their smiles, laughter and affection.

*works behind a desk
*I know that I have used ‘unconditional’ three times, but there is no other word that describes this type of affection. So I’m leaving all three in!

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