Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kick start!

How many people can say that they love their job? I’m a primary school teacher and I can. My husband, *WBD, gets the Sunday blues – it’s usually around late afternoon when it dawns on him that he has work again in the morning. We have been married 2 years now (together for 3 before that) and he realised quite soon into our meeting that there was no point bemoaning the fact to me, as I always replied something along the lines of “Oh good, I wonder what my children have been up to? I can’t wait to find out.” And I really can’t.
I’ve always had a desire to share stories of my wonderful job with the world (will probably only get read by my Mum – but that saves a phone call!) and I have just had the kick start I needed. 2 weeks ago a student teacher joined me in my Year 2 class. This is her first ever foray into a school. Ever. My friend, a teacher/new mum, warned me to “be nice” (I think she was re-collecting her first placement) and I am. I have warned her about which mug to use in the staff room (old wives tale – no-one gives a monkeys!), attempting to teach with a hangover (near to impossible!), and most importantly, how to deal with boyfriends/husbands/friends/family who think teaching is a synch and constantly moan about our holidays. My favourite line I use is “What’s stopping you becoming a teacher, then?”
Whilst imparting my invaluable advice I found myself thinking back to my first placement (a primary school in deepest, darkest Harlow) and started reminiscing. Poor girl! But why stop there? I have years of marvellous memories, which are being daily topped up by my delicious class of 6 and 7 year olds. So my plan is thus: to write a short piece each week about my job, my class and my life.
Here is one to whet your appetite and one of my favourites: A small child, busy playing in the woodwork shop role play approached me and started prodding me with the plastic screwdriver. “I’m screwing you, Miss!”

*works behind a desk

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